The Concept


Back in late 2012, our friends at OnePiece Norway and UK approached us with a fresh spin on the online marketing conundrum. Nobody cared about making online marketing social, fun and qualitative. Up until then, anyway!

That’s when The Piecekeepers was born, an app where social ambassadors all around the world worked on making the OnePiece brand more popular and successful, all while having fun and earning rewards in commission and more.



We loved the concept straight away so we started designing the UI, UX and discussing software architecture.

The UI was concentrated on the younger crowd, while taking advantage of early concept of Material Design. The UX allowed for a sleek flow between marketing our client’s products, using the features which we’ll discuss next, and reading boring financial statistics based on your sales as an ambassador.


The Real Challenge


Our biggest hurdle was integrating 8 APIs from the most popular social networks into one platform and organising the flow and analysis of data between thousands of ambassadors and tens of thousands of social accounts, all while keeping the tasks fun to do. That’s where software development architecture comes into play.

Orders were analysed and processed in real time while the algorithm processed financial data in commissions but also free merchandise based on referred orders, social data and activity.



What Set It Apart


What really set The Piecekeepers apart from traditional online marketing apps was the fact that except for commissions, the ambassadors got a chance to do fun Missions for the brand and to participate in Goals to receive rewards such as trips in the Caribbean, parties and unique global events, as seen in the presentation video.




Not Stopping Here


With a total social reach of 157.000.000, 2.000.000 $ in sales and a number of 12,300 orders completed, The Piecekeepers was a hit but that’s when you start to think about the ultimate and global level, an worldwide SaaS social marketing platform for all companies to use the same pattern for success. Spoilers: Up next, we’ll be talking about how we built the most popular social marketing app worldwide,!

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