Many global products fail because the stakeholders set unrealistic expectations which are not backed by proper experience and analytics. That’s why the best product we’ve every built was born out of a vision with proven results and successful metrics, which we’ve written about here.

Our journey in developing Brandbassador started by creating the software architecture which could handle a global platform of tens of thousands of social influencers with millions of social accounts and billions of micro interactions with brands worldwide.

The algoritms are able to process hundreds of billions of activities so they can personalize, target and optimise brand and influencer’s experiences.

What makes it appealing to brands


Brandbassador is not just an app, it’s an experience where online social influencers can get together and connect with brands through their own branding, marketing culture and social connection.

Brands can set up their own missions, goals and, most importantly, a custom reward system for optimising their conversion rates, revenue and brand recognition.


Brand Administration Dashboard
Brand Administration Dashboard
Brand User Management System













The most powerful feature is the Campaign Creator, where brands are able to invite influencers based on their location, activity, age, sex and their social following on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr or Vine. This enables brands to target their campaigns to their specific audiences and save tons of money on campaigns which do not convert, a problem seen in most online campaigns.

What’s in it for the Brand Ambassador


Brand ambassadors are able to join numerous missions and goals based on their level of online social influence, preferences and activity. They can check realtime statistics regarding their sale points, cash rewards or product bonuses.


Popsockets Brandbassador Dashboard
Slow Watches Brandbassador Dashboard














How succesful is it?


Yes! Brandbassador currently enjoys more than 26.000 influencers worldwide with a total reach of over over 881 million over all social networks. It’s currently the most popular social marketing app worldwide and it’s growing at a high pace.


More to come regarding our vision with the technical aspect of the app.
















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