While planning the Brandbassador.com mobile app we made the decision to develop it on the Ionic framework using Angular 1.2’s popular architecture as the main JavaScript MV* framework.

Here is our main motivation for using Ionic and Angular.


Native and Web come together

The app follows standard native mobile app UI guidelines and imports native SDKs, bringing the UI standards and device features of native apps together with the full power and flexibility of the open web. Ionic uses Cordova to deploy natively, or runs in the browser as a Progressive Web App.



While hybrid mobile app performance is slightly less powerful than native apps, it can go head to head with native iOS and Android apps on most mobile devices, even low grade Android smartphones, and it also regularly receives updates.



Other than 70 native device features such as Bluetooth, fingerprint authentication and more, the platform enjoys access to SaaS-like features for Push notifications, LiveReload deployment and the View App which can be used for testing across all environments, testing, stage and production.




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