Angular 2 Testing

Angular 2 Karma and Jasmine Unit Testing

Unit Testing is an integral part of any project because it allows for better code structuring and splitting it into small, testable modules and also adding new features in a more secure way and to achieve this we recommend the … Read More

Angular 2

Angular 2 Getting Started Pack for awesome apps

Angular 2 represents a big step forward in web application development as long as it comes with support for the Typescript language which basically extends ECMAScript 6 features with typing. This framework has a lot of great features like Routing, Dependency Injection … Read More

Building a targeting app with the MEAN stack – Part 2

Hey, it’s me again. Let’s take a walk in the code of this soon to be such a magnificent Node.js application. Node.js API magic We’ll start again with the API magic. Hopefully you’ll also better understand the choices of the … Read More

Building a targeting app with the MEAN stack – Part 1

Hello, world! Today you are stuck with me and our in-development MEAN stack project, HotBread. Let me explain what this project is about before we dive into the details. This idea rose from the need of delivering a more personal … Read More

laravel api

Laravel API Starter Pack create and RESTful design

Our goal is to extend the framework in order to create a Laravel API with features that are useful for all types of applications. It could be considered an RESTful API Starter Pack for which we need to cover some basic requirements … Read More