We’re very happy to announce what we’ve been working on for the past six months. Say hello to HotBread!

HotBread is an app designed to improve conversion rate for the eCommerce industry or, as we like to put it, sell products like hot bread.

Even if in early pre-Alpha stage, HotBread will be concentrating on some core principals such as:


Behavioural knowledge algorithm


We take pride in designing the most efficient tools to build the right campaign for your business. We aren’t compromising on making it too heavy or too light. Our algorithm will suggest live optimised incentives while tracking the activity and behaviour of our shoppers. Well, maybe not shoppers at the time but they soon will be!

Our database will be storing huge amounts of behaviour records for you so the algorithm will know who to incentivise, when and how!

Here’s Jane Doe. She might not be ready to convert but HotBread will know if offering her a 9% discount on jackets is being generous or if offering her 5% is being thoughtless. is it raining? Well, too bad for Jane because she won’t be receiving any discounts on jackets today. Is she located in another country but she has a history of browsing for jackets? Let’s see if free shipping will make her buy one.


Integration with all eCommerce platforms


Integration is a key aspect of our mission so we’re working on making our software ready for setup on any kind of eCommerce platform out there. Not just that but we’re designing a quick and easy to use onboarding process. It won’t matter if you’re the business owner, marketing guy, or programmer.


Self funded, client oriented


We believe a decisive factor in how useful and successful the tool will realistically be is the fact that we’re self funding it. HotBread will be born out of the hard work and initiative of young minds and we won’t be making any compromises on usability or subscription prices. Our clients won’t suffer from the fast money grabbing tendency of high stakes startups.

As long as we won’t owe anything to investors, we’ll be putting in 100% into what we do best. Develop!


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