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What We Do

Product Development

Before starting to develop your business software you need a good strategy for product development. That’s why we’ll carefully plan and schedule each aspect of the project in a timely manner.

Project research, roadmaps, resource allocation, an MVP and monetization strategies are a clear must.

Custom Web Application Development

We focus all of our efforts to sustain a modern day workflow for building small to large scale web and mobile applications.

The Frontend of our Technology Stack consists of: AngularJS, Vue.js all together with SASS and builders.

Our Backend Technology Stack consists of: PHP with the Laravel framework, NodeJS together with MySQL and MongoDB.

Product Improvement

There’s a very good chance you already have some kind of SaaS, custom or eCommerce solution available. That’s great, we can restructure it to fit the latest business requirements!

UI and UX Design

Good software does not guarantee a quality or profitable project. We put in similar efforts into UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) to breathe soul into our products.

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